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Classes are conducted throughout the year, except for holidays. The calendar year is divided into five 10-week quarters. Each quarter has a mini-start in the middle for a total of 10 starts per year, spaced approximately at five-week intervals. The starts which coincide with the beginning of a quarter are considered to be the main starts. Here, you’ll find out more about our academic calendar and how to get started. If you want to get started right away, speak with one of our Admissions Officer.

Holiday classes other than Holiday Break require make-up sessions

Classes are conducted on a ten-week quarter with day, evening and weekend classes and online instruction through Moodle. Session C meets the full ten weeks while Session A meets the first five weeks of the quarter, and Session B meets the second five weeks of the quarter. Typically classes are offered on the following schedule: Day classes begin at 9:30 am, afternoon classes start at 2:00 pm. evening classes begin at 6:00 pm. Both graduate and undergraduate courses may be scheduled for either five or nine week sessions. The easiest and fastest way to get your questions answered is to speak with an Admissions Officer.

Year/Qtr. Session Start Date End Date Holidays ( No Classes)
2017-1 A 2-Jan-17 5-Feb-17 January 26, Republic Day – University Closed
B 6-Feb-17 12-Mar-17 March 13, Holi – University Closed
C 2-Jan-17 12-Mar-17
2017-2 A 13-Mar-17 16-Apr-17
B 17-Apr-17 21-May-17
C 13-Mar-17 21-May-17
2017-3 A 22-May-17 25-Jun-17 June 26, Id Ul Fitar – University Closed
B 26-Jun-17 30-Jul-17
C 22-May-17 30-Jul-17
2017-4 A 31-Jul-17 3-Sep-17 August 07, Raksha Bandhan – No Class
B 4-Sep-17 8-Oct-17 August 15, Independence Day – University Closed
C 31-Jul-17 8-Oct-17 September 30, Dusshera – University Closed

October 2, Gandhi Jayanti – University Closed

2017-5 A 9-Oct-17 12-Nov-17
B 13-Nov-17 17-Dec-17 October 19, Deepawali- University Closed
C 9-Oct-17 17-Dec-17

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